Crypto Currency

Crypto Currency

Going Crypto Way for Futuristic Business

Build out a platform for trading cryptocurrency as a broker-dealer or extend your existing application to accept Crypto Currency. Determine your unique risk areas and assess your digital currency program. We help you to create your own Altcoin like Bitcoin by integrating cutting-edge technologies with bank-grade security which enables your users to trade effectively.


Develop customizable cryptocurrency wallet with advanced security features, multilingual support and payment gateways to allow the users to have easier and faster crypto transactions.


create valid and compatible ERC token on the Ethereum blockchain network with custom smart contract. We have developed tokens on ERC20, ERC1400, ERC721, ERC721x, ERC223, ERC777 and much more standards.

Exchange Apps

Cryptocurrency exchange software allows you to trade multiple Cryptocurrencies in ease. We are skilled in building cryptocurrency exchange software and mastered in developing you a customized and white-label cryptocurrency exchange software with a major focus on its security and seamless transaction process.


Create Crypto or Altcoin with secured functionalities. Our experience and thorough knowledge in the latest technologies, enable us to work with new innovations of blockchain such as Hashgraph and DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph).

We create customized Crypto coin & Altcoin while developing highly secured blockchain platform using Cryptographic algorithms, for a secure development process.


Crypto coin mining is the process where the crypto coins are created. Crypto coin creation is an intricate process which needs a lot of hardware and software. We blend our service to provide both, software and necessary hardware tools, to implement mining algorithms and mining different crypto coins effectively.

Features of Multi-Sig and Mini wallets

Two Factor Authenication


Multi – Language Support


Quick Transactions


Transaction History


Secure Payment


Global Access


Seamless Conversion


Multiple Wallets