Blockchain Technologies Implementation

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SAP Blockchain Implementation Services :

SAP Blockchain services, when combined with the power of SAP cloud platform, can help in speeding up the transfer of digital assets between peers in a complex network of people, businesses, and things formed by IoT, machine learning.

Integrating SAP Blockchain with SAP cloud platform can also help enterprises to prototype, test, and develop blockchain applications, smart contracts, and blockchain extensions for existing applications.

WHY Corblocks?

Corblocks team of experts with strong capabilities across Hyperledger, Ethereum, Blockchain as a service (BaaS), decentralized applications, front-end technologies can help in deploying end-to-end encrypted, hack-proof Blockchain system for enterprises.


Scope declaration: Secure transactions between two parties without relying on intermediaries, thanks to the cryptographically secure protocol support by Blockchain.

Faster Processes: Fast track transaction ensured in multi-party scenarios.

Transparency: Minimized risk, and fraud. Blockchain ensures trust with transparent data, that is visible to all participants.

High ROI: Distributed ledgers support leaner, efficient, a profitable process ensures higher ROI for businesses.

Security: Distributed, encrypted, hack-proof Blockchain system for ensuring the security of the businesses.